Two color injection molding process

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Two-color injection molding is a process that uses two colors of plastic to create a single form. The two colors are usually injected into the mold at different times, which allows them to blend to achieve the desired effect.

Two kinds of plastic materials are injection-molded on the same injection molding machine and are divided into two mold cavity, the injection molding machines are equipped with two injection units, but the product only comes out of the mold once.

After the product is taken out of one mold, it is put into another mold for second injection molding. Generally, this kind of molding process is also called double injection molding, which is usually completed by a set of molds and requires a special two-color injection molding machine.

In some cases, it is possible to inject one color and then another color into the same cavity. This can create whirlpool effects or other interesting patterns. It can be used to manufacture a wide variety of products, including toys, household items, and car parts. This process is relatively simple and efficient and provides a great deal of flexibility in terms of design.

The benefits of using two-color injection molding

Bicolor injection molding is the process of injecting two different colored plastics into a part. This process can be used to produce parts with multiple colors or parts with color gradients.

Two-color molding also has many advantages over traditional spray paint or sliver printing processes, including increased production speed, improved aesthetics, and enhanced functionality. For applications that require multiple colors or color gradients, double mixed color injection molding is an ideal solution.

How do achieve the best effect of two-color injection molding?

Two-color injection molding is a process that allows two different colors of plastic to be used in a single molded part. This can be achieved by using two independent injection molds, each with its plastic color, or by using a single mold with two injection points, each connecting a different colored plastic.

Two-color injection molding can be an effective way to create aesthetic or functional effects that cannot be achieved with a single color. To achieve the best results, careful consideration must be given to the design of the molded parts, the characteristics of the plastic chosen, and the injection molding process itself.

With careful planning and execution, two-color injection molding can be an effective way to create unique and eye-catching parts.

Factors that need to be considered when choosing a color for double shot injection molding

First, consider the final look of the product and what color best complements it.

Second, consider the production process and what colors will work best with the selected materials and manufacturing techniques.

Third, consider the end use of the product and what color is most durable and easy to clean. By taking all these factors into account, you can choose the right color for your project and create a product that looks good and performs better.

The advantages of two-color injection molding

Compared with traditional injection molding, the dual-material co-injection molding process has the following advantages:

1. The core molten material can use low viscosity material to reduce the injection pressure.

2. From the consideration of environmental protection, recycled secondary materials can be used for core materials.

3. According to different use characteristics, such as thick finished cortical material using soft material, core material using hard material or core material can use foaming plastic to reduce weight.

4. Lower-quality core materials can be used to reduce costs.

5. Cortex material or core material can be used with expensive and special surface properties, such as electromagnetic interference, high conductivity, and other materials to increase product performance.

6. Suitable combination of cortex material and core material can reduce the residual stress of molding products, and increase the mechanical strength or surface properties of products.

7. Produce marbled products.

Key points of double color injection mold design

Forming part

The forming part of the two-color injection mold is the same as the general injection mold, but the difference is that the punch of the injection mold should be two-consistent in two positions, and the concave die should be well-matched with the two punches. Generally, this kind of molding of plastic parts is smaller.

Demoulding mechanism

The molding mechanism on the primary injection device will not work because the two-color plastic parts can only be demoulded after a second injection. For the horizontal rotary injection molding machine, the ejection mechanism of the ejection machine can be used, while for the vertical rotary injection molding machine, the ejection mechanism of the normal injection molding machine cannot be used, so the hydraulic ejection mechanism can be set on the rotary table.

Pouring system

Because it is a two-shot injection molding, the pouring system is divided into one injection system and two injection systems, which respectively come from two injection molding devices.

Die body

Because the two-color injection molding method is special, it needs to cooperate and coordinate with each other, so the size and precision of the two mold guiding devices should be consistent.

For the horizontal rotary injection molding machine, the mold closure height should be the same, the center of the two sets of molds should be on the same radius of rotation, and the difference of 180°, and for the vertical rotary injection molding machine, the two sets of molds should be on the same axis.

Comparison of two-color process and injection molding process

Two-color injection molding is a specialized manufacturing process that creates products with two different colors. This is done by injecting two different types of plastic into a mold, where they combine to form a single piece.

Injection molding is a versatile manufacturing process that can be used to make a variety of products, including everything from auto parts to medical devices.

The two-color injection molding process has several advantages over traditional injection molding processes, including the ability to create products with a variety of colors and tones. Two-color injection molding can also create products with different textures, which can give products a unique look and feel.

Finally, the two-color injection molding process is usually faster and cheaper than ordinary injection molding. It is, therefore, a good choice for manufacturers who are looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to produce high-quality products.

Development and applications of two-color injection molding

From the characteristics and application of multi-color injection molding and dual-material injection molding, it can be seen that it will gradually replace the traditional injection molding process in the future.

Innovative injection molding technology not only improves the precision of the injection molding process, but also provides difficult process technology, and expands the scope of the injection molding process field. Innovative injection equipment and processes to meet the needs of increasingly diverse, high quality, high value-added products.

Two-color injection molding has now been widely used in electronic products, power tools, medical products, household appliances, toys, and almost all plastic fields, two-color mold production, and molding, and two-color multi-color injection molding machine and two-color injection molding raw materials research and development have also had rapid development.

The future of two-color injection molding

Two-color injection molding is a process that allows two different colors of plastic to be injected into the same mold. This can be used to create products with two different colors, or products with two different materials.

Two-color injection molding is a relatively new process that is still under development, which has the potential to revolutionize the way products are made. There are many potential applications for this technology, and we’re likely to see more of it in the future.

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