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The total price of injection molding project = injection mold price + injection molding product unit price × custom injection molding product quantity.

For most projects, only one set of injection mold is needed, which is a one-time investment for mass production of injection molded parts products.

However, for some projects, the number of products needed is relatively large and the delivery time is urgent.

What are the components of the price of an plastic injection molding product?

The price of injection molded products = raw material price + injection molding process fee + other costs (post-processing, packaging, transportation) + factory profit.

These 3 major parts have different influencing factors.

The price of plastic injection molding products is very cheap for high volume production, the price can be controlled at 0.01USD or even lower, depending on the size of the product, and the number of cavities of the mold.

What are the factors that affect the cost of injection molding products?

What are the factors that affect the cost of injection moulded products? This question is addressed in detail below as injection molding faqs.

Raw material cost

This cost is better to calculate, ask a raw material supplier how much 1kg is, multiply the weight of the product by the loss rate and then multiply it by the raw material price, you can get the raw material cost.

a. Plastic Material Grades

There are different grades of raw materials, and the price of different grades of materials is also a certain difference, when you collect the price comparison of different factories, must be the same raw material grades, so that there is comparability.

b. Plastic material wastage rate

The loss rate is also an important factor affecting the cost of raw materials, white and colored loss rate is greater than the loss rate of black, the general loss rate of the black factory is calculated by 3%, color and white are calculated by 5%, while transparent products are generally accounted for by 10% loss rate.

c. Colour Masterbatches

For white and colored products, we also need to consider the cost of color masterbatch, the regular color masterbatch is about 5USD/kg, and the price of special color masterbatch will be several times higher, such as food-grade masterbatch, high-temperature resistant masterbatch, high gloss masterbatch and another color masterbatch with special requirements.

So raw material price = (product weight + product weight × loss rate)× raw material cost.

Suppose the product is black PP material 2USD/kg, product weight 100g, then the raw material cost of the product = (0.1kg+0.1kg3%)2USD/kg=0.206USD

Injection Molding Process Costs

This point asks the plastic injection factory, what is the processing cost per hour of different injection machines?

a. Machine tonnage

The size of the machine tonnage will affect the processing cost, generally speaking, the larger the machine tonnage, the higher the processing cost.

b. Number of cavities

The number of cavities in the mold also affects the processing cost of each injection molding product.

Therefore, we need to consider the optimal number of cavities in the mold when we do design the injection mold, to get the optimal processing cost and mold cost.

Assuming that the processing cost of a 150-ton injection molding machine is 12USD/hour, the injection cycle is 60 seconds, and the number of holes in the mold is 2, then the processing cost of each product is 12/3600*60/2=0.1USD.

Secondary processing cost

Secondary processing cost includes insert molding, overmolding, painting/screen printing/plating, etc., which can be asked to the respective processing factory.

Packaging costs

The size and volume of the plastic parts can be derived from the cost of packaging cartons/bags, etc.

Transportation costs

According to the delivery location and how much cargo can be loaded at a time the cost of a container truck to divide by the total number of loaded trucks to get the cost of transportation of each product.

Other costs

Because the above costs do not include the costs of overhead personnel and their related personnel, some costs should be added according to the different situations of each factory.


The sum of the above 6 items multiplied by 10-30% profit, you can get a plastic parts of the final cost, profit according to the situation of each factory and the size of the order to order.

What is the price of an injection mold made up of?

The price of plastic injection molds = steel raw material price + processing cost + other costs (surface treatment, mold trial, etc.) + profit. Of course, if the hot runner is required, additional hot runner costs will be added.

The plastic injection mold cost is generally in the range of 1000-3000USD, for larger or more complex products, injection mold The price will be higher.

Mould material cost

The steel of the mold is various, according to the different needs of the product, the steel of the mold is different, generally, the mold frame material is commonly used as S45C, S50C, or P20.

And the material of mold cavity is different according to the quantity, size, plastic raw material, and requirement of the product, and the price is also different.

A set of the plastic mold die material selection is directly related to the life of the mold and the price of the mold, how do choosing the die material according to the product reasonable?

From the production molding of plastic products, the demand for the product is small, choosing a good die material, the mold cost will increase, and for the company to increase the cost of expenditure, is a waste.

The demand for the product is large, choose poor die material, can not reach the output requirements, the mold will be scrapped, need to reopen the mold, production efficiency does not go up, also increased the cost of the mold.

To reasonably choose the mold cavity material, we must first understand the common mold cavity material and the characteristics of the mold cavity material, the following summary based on their actual work experience is summarized as follows.

In the plastic injection mold, the more commonly used mold cavity materials are P20, 2738, 738H, 718, 718H, NAK80, H13, S136, etc.

The materials used for hardening molds are 2344, 8407, SKD11, SKD61, etc. These materials are more commonly used in our company’s mold making.

Mold cavity materials should have four main properties

a. Hardness

For glass fibre reinforced materials, and for projects with large product quantities, the hardness of the moulding cavity material needs to be taken into account and it is best to use hardened material.

b. Wear resistance

For glass fibre reinforced materials, POM, PPS, etc., which are relatively hard, the abrasion resistance of the moulding material needs to be considered.

c. Strength and toughness

Some deeper gap structures on the product, when making inserts in the mould, need to consider the hardness and toughness of the insert material

d. Corrosion resistance

For corrosive materials such as POM and PVC, mold cavity materials need to be considered as corrosion resistant materials such as 4Cr13, S136 etc.

The choice of mold material is mainly based on the material and surface requirements of the plastic, the volume of the product and the requirements of the customer to decide.

Mould design cost

For the design of the mold, there are special designers, designers according to the average salary of the company, in the company to design a set of mold takes 3-5 days, the monthly salary is about 3000USD, the design cost is about 400-700USD.

Mould processing cost

There is more equipment needed for mold processing according to the different complexity of the mold, commonly used by CNC machining, EDM, wire cutting, slow walking wire, polishing equipment, etc.

The usage and processing costs of different types of equipment are different.

Mold trial cost

Engaged mold processing industry personnel know that the mold is not a molding that can be completed, must be completed after mold processing, and sent to the customer side for mold trials, the process is generally two to three times to complete, each trial after the plastic shells need to be made to the customer directly to try.


The profit of molds is generally controlled by factories at about 10%-30%, but the profit of each enterprise is different according to the scale.

Therefore, when choosing an injection mold factory, if the product structure is simple and the requirements are not very strict, generally a small or medium-sized factory can be realized.

For projects with higher requirements and larger product volume, it is still recommended to choose a injection molding factory with better scale and experience to ensure the quality of the mold and products.


Through this article, you have a certain understanding of the price of injection molds and injection molding products.

If you have a custom plastic injection molding orders service project to be done, you can first roughly estimate the price of injection molds and injection molding products according to the methods in the article, and then find a trustworthy one.

If you have an injection molding processes project to be done, you can first roughly estimate the price of injection molds and injection molding products according to the methods in this article, and then find a trustworthy injection molding manufacturer.

If you are not very professional in this field, you can ask ZetarMold to help you with product design to finalize the whole injection molding projects.

With Zetar, this place can help you complete your injection molding project as quickly as possible.

There are over 20 English-speaking people and 7 experienced engineers here to support the manufacturing process from idea to reality – let us help you turn your dream into reality! Contact us for great support.

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