Is ABS good for injection Moulding?

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ABS injection molding is the process of using copolymerized Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene to form various parts and products.

By varying the proportions of its three comonomers, ABS can be tailored for unique performance characteristics such as flame-retardancy, transparency or impact resistance – making it an ideal choice for a range of applications requiring diverse plastic properties.

ABS plastic is a popular choice for injection molding due to its versatile applications and superior properties. ABS offers a glossy, attractive finish that is perfect for displaying vibrant colors and designs through painting or printing.

Used in everything from automotive parts and electronic housing to toys, this thermoplastic polymer offers excellent strength-to-weight ratio; good formability; scratch resistance; electrical insulation properties as well as great cost savings potential through the efficient process of mass injection molding production.

1. Good impact resistance

ABS brings remarkable impact strength and toughness to the table, ensuring it won’t crack or break even under intense pressure.

2. Good dimensional stability

ABS provides reliable dimension preservation; even in fluctuating temperatures, its shape and size remain uncompromised.

3. Good tensile strength

ABS takes the strain, possessing a remarkable tensile strength which enables it to stretch far beyond its original form before breaking. A reliable partner when tested in tough conditions!

4. Good resistance to wear and abrasion

With its exceptional resistance to wear and abrasion, ABS is often the material of choice for applications where it will be exposed to friction. Its durability makes it a reliable option in any number of heavily used scenarios.

5. Good price

ABS is generally less expensive than other engineering plastic parts, which makes it a good ABS provides an economical solution for projects that need to stay within budget.

This engineering plastic offers superior strength and flexibility at a fraction of the cost, making it perfect for sensitive applications!


ABS plastic is a highly versatile material offering outstanding benefits for injection molding, such as excellent impact resistance, tensile strength and wear/abrasion performance.

That being said, its low melting point temperature & poor UV-resistance may limit the scope of applications suitable to use ABS in.

Therefore when considering an injection molding process with this material it’s important to take into account other possible thermoset plastics available on the market which would best suit your application at hand.

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We will contact you within one working day, please pay attention to the email with the suffix “”.