How can you improve the productivity of injection molding?

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Efficiency should be the goal pursued by every factory. Efficient work can save more costs and create more value in the same time.

It’s the same whether it’s a human or a machine. If it is the problem of slow production in the production process of injection molding, how can we solve it?

1. Optimize Product Design

Improving injection molding productivity begins with optimizing a product’s design.

This can be accomplished by minimizing the number of parts in a product, using simpler geometric forms, and conserving material usage.

For instance, if your plastic product currently consists of multiple pieces, redesigning it as one unit could reduce the need for multiple molds and shorter injection molding cycles.

2. Optimize Your Mold Design and Injection Molding Process

The mold design and injection molding process can be optimized to boost productivity.

These could include optimizing mold design to use an efficient cooling process or increasing the flow rate for melted material through injection molds.

Optimizing injection molding processes may involve making adjustments to temperature, pressure and speed in order to minimize defects and accelerate production.

3. Make sure you have the right injection molding machine

It is crucial to choose the right injection molding machine producer and process settings for maximum productivity.

Consider the size, complexity, and desired cycle time of the parts.

Using the right injection pressure, screw speed and temperature settings can also improve the quality of the process.

4. Automate and control process

Automation can improve productivity and reduce variability by automating some aspects of the injection mold process.

This includes automating the loading and unloading process, as well controlling the injection mold process parameters using process control systems.

5. Maintaining and calibrating Equipment

Maintaining and calibrating injection molding machines and other equipment correctly is essential for maintaining optimal productivity.

This includes regularly cleaning and lubricating the machine combination, as well as performing preventive maintenance and repairs as needed.

Additionally, routine calibration of equipment is necessary to guarantee it operates within its specified parameters.

6. Implement lean manufacturing principles

Lean manufacturing principles emphasize maximizing value and eliminating waste in the above example process of lean manufacturing.

Implementing lean principles in the injection molding process can enhance productivity by streamlining operations, cutting waste, and pinpointing and eliminating inefficiencies.


By employing these strategies, it is possible to significantly boost the productivity of the injection molding process. This can reduce costs, enhance efficiency and increase competitiveness within the market.

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