Post Processing Service

After mass production fInished, there are a wide range of finishes available for many

different forms and functions. We can provide Painting, Plating, Laser Marking, Logo

Printing, Heat Staking, Ultrasonic Welding service as your request.

Painting Service

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Painting Plastic Products-What You Need To Know

Painting is a form of post-process for injection molding that adds colored coatings to injection molded plastic parts. In this activity, the finish is applied by spraying a color onto the surface finish of the plastic parts while they are still in a heated oven.

This can be done by either an airless or a manual spray gun. This is usually done with an airless or manual spray gun in a controlled environment to avoid overspray and part damage which can occur when paint begins to dry. Some painters apply heat to the plastic parts before painting them, which improves adhesion and improves through-film drying time.

Plating Service

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Plastic Product Electroplating | How to Electroplate Plastic Parts A Comprehensive Guide?

The other popular option is Plating where metal deposits are put onto the flat surfaces of plastic injection molded parts after they have cooled from being injected with molten plastic.

The metal deposits help to improve the surface appearance and corrosion resistance of the part.The part is immersed in a pot containing flammable liquid, usually an organic solvent or hydrocarbon, while it is held in a vacuum container.

The container is filled with pressurized gas which removes air bubbles from the liquid while also heating it to speed up deposition of the metal.

Laser Marking

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Laser Marking of Plastic Products How It's Done

Laser engraving marking is a manufacturing process that uses a laser to engrave text or patterns into the surface of a plastic part.

It is a non-contact process, which means that it does not require any physical contact between the laser and the part being marked.

This makes it an ideal marking method for plastic parts that are too delicate or fragile to be marked with other methods, such as inkjet printing or stamping.

Logo Printing

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How To Print A Plastic Product Logo-The Process Explained

Logo printing is a technique that can be used to add images, text and logos onto the surface finishes of your products with various methods.

Logo printing is an excellent way to give your product a professional edge. You can have logos printed on it or just print out the logo for people who buy from you know which company made their purchase!

Heat Staking

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How to heat stake a metal insert into an injection molded product?

Heat stake threaded inserts are a type of fastener that can be inserted into components to make them stronger. This reduces the complexity of the component, and makes it easier to assemble.

The use of heat to quickly melt and push metal threaded insert into place is one way that cost savings can be made during manufacturing.

The process begins by heating up threadedinserts so they bond with already injection molded parts, then using high temperatures (upwards 500 degrees Fahrenheit) for just seconds at time until all desired fitment has been achieved.

Ultrasonic Welding

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How ultrasonic welding joins two plastic parts into a whole?

Ultrasonic welding is a common post-processing method that uses high-frequency sound waves to create a weld between two plastic parts. This process is often used to attach plastic parts together. Ultrasonic welding creates a strong, permanent bond and is ideal for plastic parts that require a high degree of precision.

The process of ultrasonic welding involves applying high-frequency acoustic vibrations to the two plastic parts in a fixture. An ultrasonic horn vibrates between 20,000 and 40,000 times per second while maintaining slight contact with the plastic resin. This vibration produces friction and, in turn, enough heat to melt the injection unit. where friction causes them together through heat generated from vibration.

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