What are the advantages of injection molded parts in new energy automobile parts?

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Currently, low-carbon development has become a core issue in the automobile industry. Various vehicle companies and injection molding automotive parts companies are trying to find ways to reduce vehicle maintenance quality and reduce fuel consumption without affecting product performance and safety. New energy vehicles have a more urgent need for lightweight due to the “innate” disadvantage of their large weight of power batteries and their pursuit of driving range.

Plastics with the characteristics of light weight, high strength, good toughness, easy processing, and reusability are one of the most ideal alternative materials for lightweight and environmentally friendly automobiles.

At present, with the continuous rise of global automobile brands, automobile parts, from interior parts to engine casings, have entered a lightweight trend; therefore, plastic processing technology is becoming increasingly mature and the industry pays attention to it. It also allows more automotive manufacturers to choose to use plastic processes to produce auto parts. So what are the specific advantages of automotive plastic parts, and how do they affect automotive performance, design and sustainability? Let’s find out together.

Advantages of injection molded parts in the new energy automobile industry

At present, with the rapid development of plastic product types and technical needs in various industries in our country, plastic injection molding parts technology has changed from the traditional injection molding manufacturing processes to a diversified direction.

The automotive injection molding industry is no exception. With the trend of lightweight automobiles, automobile plastic parts are increasingly used. As one of the future development directions of the automobile industry, automobile plastic injection molded components have attracted more and more attention from the industry in their molding and processing technology.

There are also more manufacturing companies choosing to use plastic processes to produce auto parts. So what are the specific advantages of automotive injection molded parts?

In the production of new energy vehicles, plastic parts have the characteristics of lightweight, environmental protection and durability, high completion rate of complex geometric structures, energy saving and environmental protection, and cost reduction.

It can meet the requirements of lightweight, green and environmentally friendly new energy vehicles and is the main material for the interior preparation of new energy vehicles at this stage and for a long time to come.

Lightweight design injection molding advantages:

Injection molding process can use lightweight plastic materials to replace traditional metal parts. This reduces the overall weight of the car and improves fuel and electricity efficiency and environmental performance.

In addition to helping to reduce the weight of cars and allowing new energy vehicles to run farther, plastic products can also reduce the production costs of automobile companies.

For example, some plastic parts with complex structures can be injection molded by plastic, which can weld many metal components together. Plastic can be cast into more complex shapes than steel components, reducing the number of parts used in the integration process.

Complex geometric structures:

Plastic technology can manufacture complex parts, such as instrument panels, door panels, seat components, etc. These parts can have complex curves and geometric shapes that are difficult to produce using traditional manufacturing methods.

Durability and performance:

Automotive components must operate under extreme conditions, and the manufacturing process and materials can be adjusted according to production needs to meet high temperature, high pressure, wear resistance and other requirements. It also has excellent impact resistance, ensuring the car is protected in the event of a collision.

Energy Saving and Environmental Protection:

Less plastic waste is produced during processing. Additionally, using recyclable plastic materials reduces waste and environmental burden. In terms of materials, recycled plastics account for 17%, including interior parts, exterior bumpers, etc. The recycling rate of new energy vehicles when scrapped can reach 95%.


Injection molding is a relatively cost-effective manufacturing method that is particularly suitable for mass production because it can quickly create large quantities of the same or similar parts.

Which parts of new energy vehicles use plastic parts?

Interior parts:

Can be used to manufacture plastic components for instrument panels, door panels, seat components, center consoles and interior details to provide comfort, beauty and functionality.

Engine parts:

Many engine parts, such as fan blades, fuel tanks, air filter housings, etc., need to be resistant to high temperatures and corrosion to protect the normal operation of the engine.

Lamps and Lenses:

Lenses for automotive headlights, rear taillights and indicator lights are usually made of optical grade plastic injection molding to ensure good optical performance.

Electronic components:

The casings and brackets of many electronic components used in automobile electrical systems and electronic control units are also injection molded.

Suspension components:

Some suspension components are manufactured using high-strength plastics to provide lightweighting and corrosion resistance.

Sustainability and future prospects

As concerns about environmental protection and sustainability continue to increase, automakers are actively looking for sustainable materials and manufacturing methods.

During the production process, environmental pollution and material waste are effectively reduced by crushing and recycling defective products and reusing raw materials; not only avoiding the waste of raw materials is also an important choice for future sustainable development.

This will help reduce the environmental impact of vehicle manufacturing and make the entire automotive manufacturing industry more sustainable. As technology continues to advance, injection molded parts will continue to play a key role in the automotive industry, driving the industry toward a more sustainable future.

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