How to control the cost of injection molding processing?

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Some applications require high hardness and wear resistance in die steel to increase parting line durability; other require higher toughness to resist mechanical fatigue.

Thus, before beginning injection mold processing with materials, processes, and factory management mode – all these factors affect processing cost for injection molding, so how can we control it?

1. Design for manufacturability

Designing parts that are simple to make is one of the best ways to reduce the cost of inject molding.

This includes considering the material, size, and shape of the injection-molded parts as well as any other features or details that could affect the production cost.

2. Select the right material

Certain applications necessitate die steels with high hardness and wear resistance to extend the life of a parting line, while others call for higher toughness to combat mechanical fatigue.

In general, steels with higher hardness and wear resistance tend to be brittle, while those with greater toughness often exhibit reduced resistance to abrasion of both steel and iron (adhesion abrasion) as well as glass fiber or mineral filling resins. Injection mold makers may opt for stainless steel when molding resins that corrode most other steels.

Prior to beginning production of your product, it is essential that you select and design an efficient injection mold. This is the single most effective way to reduce costs during the manufacturing process.

Injection mold design structure and product material requirements vary, naturally there are good and bad molds. An optimal mold yield has high production value, produces minimal waste and has low production costs.

3. Choose the right injection molding machine

Injection molding machines are available in many sizes and capacities. The cost of a machine will vary depending on its capabilities and size.

It is crucial to select a machine that fits the dimensions and complexity of your parts as well as your production volumes.

4. Optimizing Mold Design

Mold design plays a significant role in determining how much it costs to tooling for injection molding projects. This same mold must be designed carefully, leading to significant savings over time.

A well-designed injector mold can reduce material needs, expedite injection molding processes, and improve product quality.

To ensure the optimal design of your injection mold flow for your specific requirements, consulting an experienced mold designer is a must.

5. Streamline the production process 

A simpler production process can also help to reduce the cost of inject molding.

This could mean reducing the number and complexity of steps needed to make a part or automating some tasks. Or, implementing lean manufacturing techniques that eliminate waste and increase efficiency.

6. Monitor and optimize energy use

Injection molding consumes a great deal of energy. The cost-related aspects of injection mold energy usage can have a major influence on overall cost-per-participation.

Monitoring your energy consumption and looking for ways to enhance energy efficiency are critical steps you should take.

7. Partner with a Reliable Supplier

A reliable supplier can help you manage the costs of injection molding by providing access to high-quality equipment and materials at an affordable price.

It is essential to conduct extensive due diligence on potential suppliers in order to select one with a proven record for providing superior products or services.


These tips will help you to reduce the production costs for rapid injection molding processing. This will allow you to make sure that you get the products you want at a reasonable price.

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